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 企業級 SAS NAS  
QNAP Turbo NAS performs as an ideal backup center, with large storage capacity and excellent file transfer speed to greatly assist businesses on efficient backup tasks. In addition to being a backup center, the Turbo NAS can also have its data backed up to external storage devices, remote servers, and third-party cloud backup services easily and conveniently.
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QNAP Turbo NAS is consistent with economic iSCSI / IP-SAN storage solutions, which will help SMEs to deploy virtual servers to share storage environments, helping to save significant costs, energy, and efficient use of limited storage space maximization. Turbo NAS is compatible with server virtualization products, access VMware® Ready ™, Citrix® Ready ™ certification support, and is compatible with Microsoft® Hyper-V ™, you can use the advantages of virtualization solutions to help IT managers deploy resilient, manage virtual environments and ensure uninterrupted business operations.
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myQNAPcloud services allow easier access Turbo NAS. No matter where you are, as long as connected to the Internet, you can access your data from anywhere within the Turbo NAS. With Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS) support, you can simply use your own choice, easy to remember domain name connection, no longer plagued by the lengthy IP address. Turbo NAS web application environments are designed to provide users with more quality and convenient experience.
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 XS/XS+ 系列 大型企業  
Designed for large enterprises to design, provide a full range of enterprise-class suite and excellent transmission performance. You only need to set up a low cost and maintenance costs, save the file to centralize and simplify data management and deploy virtualization solutions.
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 Plus 系列 商用工作群組/中小企業  
Provide a powerful network storage solution specifically designed for growing businesses, support Btrfs file system, providing a snapshot scheduling and data integrity checking is. In addition, it can be expanded up to 24 hard drives, and provide enterprises with reliable performance.
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