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Citrix XenDesktop   

   產品資料   產品規格  

XenDesktop Product Editions
  • Citrix XenDesktop - Platinum Edition
  • Citrix XenDesktop - Enterprise Edition
  • Citrix XenDesktop - VDI Edition
  • Citrix XenDesktop - Express Edition


Dedicated VDI desktop
Pooled VDI desktop
Hosted shared desktop (RDS or terminal server-based desktop) 
Local - Desktop Streaming 
Local - Type 1 client hypervisor (XenClient) 
Physical Desktop 
Application virtualization 
Session virtualization 
VM hosted apps 

Supports any device, anywhere

Citrix Receiver is a universal, light-weight and auto updating client that provides integrated access to desktops, applications, and other IT services from any device.


Auto update client service
PC and Mac Windows, Mac OS, Linux
Thin clients
Zero client
Mobile application developer tools 

Delivers a high definition user experience


3D graphics business apps support
Client drive mapping
Fast user profile loading
Multimedia support
Unified communications support
Multi-monitor support
Roaming user reconnect
Universal print Driver & Print Server
USB and peripheral Support
3D graphics professional applications support 
Application multi-Tasking 
Native device experience on smartphones and tablets 
Session pre-launch 

Secure self-service apps and data


Follow me subscriptions 
Self-service enterprise app store 

Transforms IT with open, scalable, and proven technology


Deployment, Management, and Troubleshooting ToolsVDIEnterprisePlatinum
Automated desktop provisioning and storage optimization
Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager support - 2007, 2012
Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager support - 2007, 2012
Third party systems management Integration
User personalization creation services
Web-based help desk and troubleshooting tool
Performance monitoring tool for hosted applications  
Session recording  
Security Features
Centralized data control
Multi-factor authentication
Traffic encryption
Application activity auditing  
Built-in Password Management  
Integrated SSL VPN  
Policy based access control  
Virtual Infrastructure Interoperability and Optimization   
Automated protocol tuning
Citrix Provisioning Services for virtual and physical servers - including XenDesktop infrastructure with XenApp
High availability
Multi-site load balancing and failover
Multi stream protocol
VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V (supported)
XenServer Hypervisor (included)
Intelligent application load and capacity management 
Power and capacity management 
Advanced WAN traffic prioritization  
Branch traffic caching  


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