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NAKIVO Backup & Replication Pro for VMware Essentials   

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NAKIVO Backup & Replication Pro has no limitation of source socket count, thus offering small and medium size businesses the ability to scale data protection coverage with additional source socket licenses as their business grows. 

The Challenge

The inherent value and rapid growth of virtualized mission critical applications and associated data has resulted in virtualization becoming business critical. While keeping virtualized business service availability high, organizations are looking for better ways to improve efficiency, reduce their exposure to unplanned downtime, and maintain high availability— all while keeping VM disaster recovery and business continuity simple and within a limited IT budget.

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The Solution

Nakivo Backup & Replication is a high-performance WAN Backup and Replication solution that meets demanding performance and scalability requirements of dynamic virtualized environments without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency. Designed to address the challenges of VM Backup and Replication for data center and cloud environments, its performance is equally adept at replicating VMs with live applications, groups of VMs supporting a cloud service, and transaction-intensive virtualized set of workloads. And its fast VMware infrastructure discovery, advanced VM protection features, and extensive reporting capabilities, deliver one of the highest levels of performance, reliability, and ease of use available in the VM Backup and Replication market today.

Key Features

  • Data protection: Backup and replication of VMs over LAN and WAN, support for live applications & databases, automated VM protection.
  • Data recovery: Granular and full VM recovery over LAN and WAN, replica rollback, persistent recovery jobs.
  • Storage space reduction: Block level data deduplication across entire backup repository, data compression.
  • Performance: Network acceleration, multi-threading, changed block tracking, forever-incremental jobs, SAN support, staged backup and replication.
  • Reliability: Backup verification, full synthetic data storage, backup repository self-healing, auto job retries, self-backup and replication.
  • Usability: Web UI, job grouping and bulk actions, job and group dashboards, email notifications, advanced reporting.
  • Cloud support: single-click integration with Amazon cloud, manual integration with multiple private and public clouds, vCloud Director support.
  • Cost reduction: Agentless, built-in database, low resource utilization, Windows or Linux installation, VA deployment, 2X to 4X lover price than competition.


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