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回主頁 > Cisco Router 路由器產品 > Cisco 500 系列安全路由器 > Cisco SR520W Secure Router
Cisco SR520W Secure Router   

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The Cisco 520 Secure Router provides: 


● Built-in advanced security: The Cisco 520 Secure Router includes advanced security features to help protect your business, including a firewall that inspects traffic at the application layer to help protect the network from unauthorized users, an inline intrusion prevention system that provides deep-packet inspection to effectively prevent a wide range of network attacks; built-in encryption using Triple Data Encryption Standard (3DES) and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) that lets remote employees connect to the network securely using IPsec VPN, SSL VPN, or DMVPN; and Cisco IOS Content Filtering to add another layer of defense against malware and phishing attacks. 

● Increased performance to run concurrent services: The Cisco 520 Secure Router delivers broadband performance while simultaneously running services such as firewall, intrusion prevention, VPN encryption, and wireless networking. Managing a single, all-in-one router is easier and less expensive than managing multiple network devices. 

● Secure wireless networking: All Cisco 500 Series Secure Router models are available with built-in 802.11b/g wireless access points to enable your employees to access the network when away from their 

desks. Encryption and compliance with wireless network security standards protect your network traffic every step of the way. 

● Built-in managed switch: An integrated 4-port 10/100 managed switch can connect computers, printers, 

and servers in your office. One port on the switch can serve as a network edge (DMZ) to add an additional 

layer of security to your network. The switch also supports VLANs to let you securely separate traffic on your office network. 

● Simplified deployment and management: Cisco Configuration Assistant makes it easy to configure, install, 

and manage the Cisco 520 Secure Router. It can also generate status reports, synchronize passwords, and upgrade software across all of your Cisco network devices, reducing the time your staff devotes to network maintenance. Cisco Configuration Assistant is available for download free of charge at 


● Quality of service: The Cisco 520 Secure Router features the QoS intelligence you need to prioritize networking traffic and support crisp delivery of rich voice and video applications. 

● Multiple connectivity options: The Cisco 520 Secure Router offers a number of options for WAN connectivity, including Fast Ethernet, ADSL over basic telephone service, and ADSL over ISDN, enabling you to connect your offices with the technology that best meets your needs. 


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